VES-12s and VES-12L  |   HD-12s/HD-12L  |   HD-24s/HD-24L

12 Volt DC Air Conditioner | Auxiliary Air Conditioner

Cruise N Comfort USA offers two styles of 12 Volt Battery Operated (DC) Air Conditioners. Are you limited on space? Then the VES System is the fit for you. It is a three piece system that can be easily concealed because of the small design. This is a portable battery operated air conditioner designed to fit a variety of applications. Both units are great solution for construction equipment, delivery vehicles, RV's, undercover vehicles, golf carts, antique cars, or anywhere cooling is required.

The HD Series 12 Volt DC Air Conditioner is a two piece system with the compressor and evaporator in a 300 series stainless steel case and a condenser that mounts outside the cooled area. It is a great alternative to retro fitting engine mounted compressors. The HD Series has the option of adding a digital thermostat, perfect for sleeping in Semi Trucks and RV's. As anti-idling laws become the norm across the country, engine-off auxiliary air conditioners have become an attractive option for drivers’ comfort when resting. Both systems will require a certified automotive A/C technician to charge with R134a refrigerant. *Optional custom A/C lines shown.

Portable Battery Operated Air Conditioners by Cruise N Comfort



Cool only
BTU: 5,000-8,000 depending on model
Input Voltage: 12 VDC
Current Draw: 38-46 amps nominal @ 12 Volts DC
Weight: 65 lbs.

*VES Series does not include a/c lines. Custom lines can be made at additional cost.

Outside Condenser Size : L 4 1/2" x W 20" x H 14"
Compressor Size: L 10" x W 10" x H 10"
Inside Evaporator Size: L 16" x W 14" x H 6"
Warranty: 2 year Parts and 1 year Labor


HD-24s/L and HD-12s/L

Cool only
BTU: 10,000-12,000 / 5,000-7,000
Input Voltage; 24 VDC / 12 VDC
Current Draw:
30-46 amps @ 12 VDC / 30-48 amps @ 24 VDC
Blower Duct Size: 4"


*HD Series  includes 7 feet of  a/c lines with fittings.

*Optional Thermostat Shown

Evaporator Size: L 22" x W 12" x H 10,5" 
Evaporator Weight approx. 69 lbs
Outside Size: L 4 1/2" x W 20" x H 14"
Warranty: 2 years Limited Parts and Labor