HD12s/HD12L  |   HD24s/HD24L 

Sharing the same construction materials as our MES Marine Series units the Cruise N Comfort HD Series 12 Volt split system air conditioners are built with 300 Series Stainless Steel components and hardware making them perfect for use in harsh environments and are built to last. These 12 Volt Air Conditioners are extremely efficient because they operate directly from batteries and utilize Sequential Compressor Technology to reduce current draw from the compressor and the blower motor at times when max cooling is not required. A large external remote condenser mounts to the outside of the area to be cooled and the unit is fitted with R 134a automotive style service ports to make the initial charge and future servicing easy. Our HD Series Systems are a great alternative to retro fitting engine mounted compressors or adding additional cooling to anemic factory air conditioning. The optional thermostat makes it a great no-idle solution for semi trucks or small Rv’s. Why spend thousands more when our products are built from the highest grade components are hand assembled and delivered factory-direct.

Cruise N Comfort USA HD12L / HD12s

HD-12 s/L and HD-24 s/L

Cool only
Available in 4 configurations:
12 Volt
MES-12s 5K BTU/h 35 nominal amps @ 12 VDC
MES-12L 8K BTU/h 51 nominal amps @ 12 VDC
24 Volt
MES-24s 7 k BTU/h 35 nominal amps @ 24 VDC
MES-24L 10k BTU/h 53 nominal amps @24 VDC

*Blower Duct Size: 4" top exhaust option available

*HD Series  includes 7 feet of  refridgerant lines with fittings.

*Run time of up to 8-10 hours based on 4 Deep Cycle AGM Batteries and depending on ambient temperature, truck insulation and solar load.

*Optional Thermostat Shown

Evaporator Inside Size: L 22" x W 12" x H 10,5" 
Evaporator Weight approx. 62 lbs
Outside Single Fan Condenser 14 " tall x 20"wide x 4 1/2" thick
Warranty: 2 year Parts and 1 year Labor